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Manabu is simply the very BEST personal trainer! An absolutely breathtaking experience both physically and mentally! Manabu is the most considerate personal trainer, bringing such enthusiasm passion and wellness into his clients lives. Full of intelligence, passion, energy, and care towards all his clients. I am extremely thankful to his professionalism, charisma, and expertise in filling my life with wellness through his training sessions. The Wellness Center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and offers a range of both private and group training sessions. - Angele

I can't say enough about the personal care and concern Manabu has for his clients. He watches my alignment and muscles at every workout and knows just when to move me forward or tend with any issues I may be having. This is the first time in my long life that I have been able to make the physical and mental progress to improve my health and strength without injury and with out extremely sore muscles. I have never felt more strong and powerful. I recently went through spinal decompression surgery due to obsessive horseback riding. I am so grateful for Manabu's strength training as I never felt unstable during my recovery and was able to manage every day tasks because I could squat with stability and confidence without subverting my recovery protocol, BLT. No bending, lifting or twisting. I have also watched my workout buddies recover much better than expected for major surgeries such as heart and kidney. One retired friend was able to hike difficult parts of the wall of China after training with Manabu. I still hike Yosemite waterfalls twice a year with more strength than ever. It's so worth the time and effort to be your best self at any age. Thank you Manabu! - Denise

Manabu is the one of the most kind, understanding, intelligent, and caring people I’ve ever met. He has completely changed my life for the better and anyone who is willing to put in the work and effort will see amazing results for whatever they’re wanting to improve in. I highly recommend anyone go see him for at least one workout to see how good he is at what he does, and I promise you won’t regret it because training with him has been one of the best decisions of my life and I could not have done it without him! Thank you! - Jacob

If you are looking for a place where you want to get in shape then you have found it Manabu is an awesome trainer. Even in a group he focuses on you. He gears it towards your ability and will push you to be even better, but is very sensitive to any issues you may have. This is a safe and friendly environment. I have been going here for a year and a half and I am in the best shape for a 45 year old - the new 75. - Diane

I have had great success with the programs provided by this facility. They are helpful, concerning your health and well being while providing good results. I highly recommend them to support your health requirements going forward in your life no matter what age you are currently. Try them you will be very pleased at the results. - Pam 

The Way to Wellness Center is awesome! Very knowledgeable and pleasure to work with. My wife and I both have attended treatments for issues that range from neck injury to sinus issues, and we've seen great results. The combination of Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture) and physical training has really made a major positive impact on our lives.

- Shaun M.

The Way to Wellness Center in Laguna Hills has provided me the most comprehensive service I've ever had & I really felt taken care of! Dr. Nia, and Manabu have taken the entire picture of my health into consideration, not just my symptoms. After suffering from a long list of aches and pains I would have never discovered this path of renewed health on my own. Like everyone else suffering from aches and pains, I always thought it was unattainable. Well, it isn't. I have regained my health, spirits, and confidence, and am no longer on ANY medications. Please accept my sincere thanks. - Fred

"I don't even know where to begin to express my gratitude to Manabu for the difference our work together is making in my life. The changes in my body strength, stamina, coordination, flexibility, balance, body reshaping and weight loss are hard to believe. I have achieved more than I ever knew could be possible let alone in this short period of time. I was experiencing balance problems, memory loss and difficulty processing information when we began working together. My deficits were even more frightening due to my background as a speech pathologist. His expertise as a trainer speaks for itself. His attention to my form, feedback about my increased performance, and genuine enthusiasm with my progress has given auditory processing skills and an opportunity for my brain to re-organize itself. My improvement is noticeable to those around me. I believe that part of my healing can be credited to the supportive environment that Manabu and all the staff have created. I thank him from the bottom of my heart and look forward to continuing our work together."

- Saralee B.

"When a co-worker & I joined a gym in January of 2001, I was 42 years old & frustrated by the inevitable muscle loss & weight gain that came to 40-somethings living a couch-potato lifestyle. I had struggled with my weight since my teenage years & had turned yo-yo dieting into something of an art form. The personal trainer assigned to me was Manabu Shimotsu, and my life was forever changed! What I noticed immediately was the positive energy he exuded, his genuine care & concern for me, & his attentiveness in each session, which ensured that I was using correct form so as to maximize results and minimize injury risk. The variety in my workouts made them fun & interesting, constantly challenged my body & yielded awesome results. He patiently taught me to focus on body composition vs. the scale, & by Christmas I had lost 30 lbs. of body fat, gained 22 lbs. of lean tissue, & dropped 3 pant sizes. For the first time in my life I was lean & strong, & everyone was amazed at both this & the resulting boost in my self-confidence.Last summer Manabu helped me discover my ability & passion for sprinting, & the former "fatty" is now an athlete. My endurance, stamina, & flexibility are better than in my teens. It's never been easy, but Manabu has always had the courage to tell me what I needed to hear. He encourages me to expect nothing less than the best from myself & has often believed in me more than I believed in myself. My motivation to continue is driven by my heart's desire to enhance the quality of my life & to embrace Manabu's "no regrets" philosophy in all my endeavors." - Sue Q.