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I had my first migraine in sixth grade, from not being able to see out of my left eye to the incredible amount of pain, it was one of the scariest nights I had experienced. When my family moved across the country from Chicago to California, I started getting migraines more and more frequently and my parents took me to all sorts of doctors to try and get to the bottom of what the cause was. Nothing worked and more migraines I had the more depressed I got because of defects out of my life. I missed practices couldn't hang out with friends because I had to study and make up missing assignments and I started retreating more inside myself. At the end of my sophomore year I decided to no longer take prescription medication for my migraines. I talked with my parents and we decided to try a more holistic approach. I tried a couple different acupuncturist and some of them helped a little bit but none compared to Dr. Nia. I stayed with her and after a portion of sophomore year and the summer leading into junior year I have been cured. For around the last two and a half years I 've not had a migraine. I still see her even though I go to school two hours away. I count her and her family as part of my family. -Ryan O.

Dr. Nia and Manabu are awesome! Very knowledgeable and pleasure to work with. My wife and I both have attended treatments for issues that range from neck injury to sinus issues, and we've seen great results. The combination of Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture) and physical training has really made a major positive impact on our lives.

- Shaun M.

The Way to Wellness Center in Laguna Hills has provided me the most comprehensive service I've ever had C I really felt taken care of! Dr. Nia, and Manabu have taken the entire picture of my health into consideration, not just my symptoms. After suffering from a long list of aches and pains I would have never discovered this path of renewed health on my own. Like everyone else suffering from aches and pains, I always thought it was unattainable. Well, it isn't. I have regained my health, spirits, and confidence, and am no longer on ANY medications. Please accept my sincere thanks. - Fred

"Friends who are also patients of Dr. Nia encouraged me to see Dr. Nia for a handful of items that I was suffering from. I had insomnia, anxiety and digestive problems for years and had come to accept this problem as part of my stressful life. My insomnia was so bad, I knew the television show schedules between the early morning hours of 12:30 a.m. until 4:30 a.m. which was the time I had to get ready for work. My insomnia would also rear it's ugly head on my days off too! One of the contributing factors to my condition, was my Diet Coke habit that I developed in the late 1990's when I was in law school. At the time I saw Dr. Nia, my Diet Coke habit was about 8 or more a day. I was an addict and never thought I could kick it. I tried many times, but just couldn't do it. I accepted this, telling myself this habit wasn't the worst habit to have. I also suffered from feet and back pain that at times was so excruciating I could barely walk in the morning. I accepted this as part of the aging process. My friends would listen to my complaints over and over again and would continue to encourage me to see Dr. Nia. I had all kinds of excuses. Hey, I was a busy person. I just didn't have the time. My physical and mental health was definitely taking a backseat. It was not until the recent loss of my best friend, my mom, that I realized it was time take control of my life and my health. I didn't want to find myself relying on medications to mask the mental and physical pain that I was suffering from. It was time for me to get serious. I made the call to Dr. Nia and it was the best phone call I've ever made. I no longer suffer from insomnia and can't remember the last time I watched television in the early morning hours. My Diet Coke habit? What Diet Coke habit? I've been able to limit my Diet Coke to one a day or better yet, none at all. My anxiety, depression and digestive problem are a thing of the past. One week before I was about to visit an orthopedic doctor, I noticed I no longer had pain in my feet and back. I cancelled by appointment and have not had a need to reschedule. Before visiting Dr. Nia, I told myself that I would be happy if she could just help me with the insomnia. I got much more than that. I got my life and health back on track and loving it! Thank you Dr Nia!" - Cheryl W.

"Before I have ever had acupuncture. I had headaches on one side and always had stomach aches. Now I feel much better. Here I'll explain to what happens. I go to the office at least 2 times a week. I wait in the waiting room for about 5 minutes. Then I go in. I lay down on a couch looking thing. Then I take off my shoes. After, she sticks small and thin needles in on my legs. I lay down quietly and listen to relaxing music. I only have to do it for 10 minutes. Then she comes back in takes the needles out. After I get to leave. See its not bad after all! Thank you Dr. Nassernia! The End" - Lauren B., 10 years old

"I am writing this letter to thank you for the help you have given me with my health challenges over the past several years. I had never experienced acupuncture before meeting you. Your acupuncture treatments have been such a blessing to me. I have benefited from the use of this ancient wisdom and your skills in many ways since beginning treatment. Your treatments have helped control my hot flashes. My inability to take medication to control them due to my history of having had a blood clot made this passage in my life very difficult. I truly had no other treatment option that I could even try due to my medical history. I also believe it has helped me control depression.I have also benefited from acupuncture to help treat my joint pain from arthritis as well as for my occasional back pain. Following a serious car accident it was the acupuncture that gave me relief from the effects of the trauma to my entire system and was a significant part of my pain control from a serious jaw injury. The injury caused a TMJ condition. The occasional pain I still experience from this is relieved by your acupuncture treatments. I know that my memory problems are benefiting from the acupuncture as well.A special thank you for helping my friend Corey with his recovery from his severe back pain due to a spinal injury and for the relief my friend Claudia received from your acupuncture treatments for her discomfort with fibromyalgia.Last but not least I want to thank you for your genuine caring. I am blessed to have you in my life!" - Saralee C. B.

"8 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a medical doctor who then told me that he had no reliable treatment for this condition..."Perhaps", he said "You would like to try acupuncture." He then gave me the phone number of Dr. Nia's office. Frankly, I had little faith that acupuncture could help me. I was having difficulty walking and could no longer enjoy gardening. My energy level was very low. But since I had no other option I decided to give it a try, at least for the 12 treatments that my insurance would cover. The first time I met Dr. Nia I was in such pain I could hardly lie on the treatment table for the length of time required. But within 3 or 4 treatments, I saw dramatic improvement. First I noticed increased energy...I found myself walking up stairs instead of taking the elevator...I slept much better at night...and the pain, although not gone, was much less. I have steadily improved and now 8 years later I am back to gardening AND doing community theatre which takes alot of physical energy. Thanks to Dr. Nia I am enjoying my life again." - Barbara B.

"I don't even know where to begin to express my gratitude to Manabu for the difference our work together is making in my life. The changes in my body strength, stamina, coordination, flexibility, balance, body reshaping and weight loss are hard to believe. I have achieved more than I ever knew could be possible let alone in this short period of time. I was experiencing balance problems, memory loss and difficulty processing information when we began working together. My deficits were even more frightening due to my background as a speech pathologist. His expertise as a trainer speaks for itself. His attention to my form, feedback about my increased performance, and genuine enthusiasm with my progress has given auditory processing skills and an opportunity for my brain to re-organize itself. My improvement is noticeable to those around me. I believe that part of my healing can be credited to the supportive environment that Manabu and all the staff have created. I thank him from the bottom of my heart and look forward to continuing our work together."

- Saralee B.

"When a co-worker & I joined a gym in January of 2001, I was 42 years old & frustrated by the inevitable muscle loss & weight gain that came to 40-somethings living a couch-potato lifestyle. I had struggled with my weight since my teenage years & had turned yo-yo dieting into something of an art form. The personal trainer assigned to me was Manabu Shimotsu, and my life was forever changed! What I noticed immediately was the positive energy he exuded, his genuine care & concern for me, & his attentiveness in each session, which ensured that I was using correct form so as to maximize results and minimize injury risk. The variety in my workouts made them fun & interesting, constantly challenged my body & yielded awesome results. He patiently taught me to focus on body composition vs. the scale, & by Christmas I had lost 30 lbs. of body fat, gained 22 lbs. of lean tissue, & dropped 3 pant sizes. For the first time in my life I was lean & strong, & everyone was amazed at both this & the resulting boost in my self-confidence.Last summer Manabu helped me discover my ability & passion for sprinting, & the former "fatty" is now an athlete. My endurance, stamina, & flexibility are better than in my teens. It's never been easy, but Manabu has always had the courage to tell me what I needed to hear. He encourages me to expect nothing less than the best from myself & has often believed in me more than I believed in myself. My motivation to continue is driven by my heart's desire to enhance the quality of my life & to embrace Manabu's "no regrets" philosophy in all my endeavors." - Sue Q.