General Fitness

Are you living with weakness, pain, fatigue, balance, or ambulation issues?

Our trainers combine their knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology to isolate and address the cause of your concerns.

​​Pre-Hab: Fitness Before Surgery

Reduce your orthopedic recovery time! Ask about pre-surgery exercises to be ahead of the game!

Post Rehab Fitness

Decrease your risk of re-occurring hospitalization! Allow us to help you continue with your journey of health and independence after you are discharged from the hospital or therapy.

​​Individual or Group Sessions Available

Laughter burns more calories and engages core muscles. Invite a friend or even a club house full, and have more fun with your workout. Ask about our discounted couples/group rates or referral discounts.

Balance & Fall Prevention Training

     Consultation & Balance Test

     Personalized Wellness Care

   Mobility & Flexibility Training

            Personalized Care

 Private Pay & Package Discounts


Serving: Greater Laguna Woods, Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, and Irvine areas

Fitness & Exercise Services


Personal Training

Gait & Assistive Training

Toning & Fat Loss


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Your greatest investment is your health. Bring peace of mind to yourself and those around you with The Way to Wellness Center's Fitness & Exercise Programs. Regain the life you deserve.


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Physicians often give patients recommendations to exercise without specific instructions.  Without a knowledgeable trainer, exercising on your own could lead to injury, little to no progress, and limited motivation.  

- That is where we come in!