Functional Fitness and Clinical Exercise Training Programs

Our personal trainers are Certified Exercise Physiologists, Medical Exercise Specialists, Orthopedic Exercise Specialists, and often hold additional specialty certifications such as Senior Fitness and have many years of experience. We work with healthy clients and clients often multiple complex medical conditions.

 For our clients with cognitive declines (dementia and Alzheimer’s), a personalized exercise program is designed to maximize functional fitness, and to slow down age-and disease-related declines so that the individual can remain functionally independent for as long as possible. 

 To maximize health outcomes our personal trainers often train clients who simultaneously receive Home Health Services, Outpatient Physical Therapy, or cancer treatment.

Your Personal Trainer is the Clinical Link 

Our fitness professionals represent a critical link between clinic and community, serving as a valued member of the patient healthcare team and we work alongside healthcare providers and other allied health professionals. 

Transitioning from Physical Therapy

A continuum of focused exercise is needed to retain function and skills gained through physical therapy. Stopping or reducing the exercise regimen will result in a decline in function and fitness. Specialized personal training programs help clients not only maintain function but also optimize fitness, health, and slow down age-related and/or disease-related declines in function.

Palliative Exercise

Patients with life-limiting illnesses often experience functional impairment, resulting in poorer quality of life. Studies have shown that exercise can improve physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing, which all help maintain independence. 

Home Personal Training ​​we come to you!

Physicians often give patients recommendations to exercise without specific instructions.  Without a knowledgeable trainer, exercising on your own could lead to injury, little to no progress, and limited motivation.  - That is where we come in!

Personal training is tailored to each client's health, fitness, medical status and wellness needs. Exercise programs meet national guidelines and are specifically designed to improve abilities, health, and prevent or better manage health  issues throughout life.


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Our trainers provide personal training for many wellness goals and medical conditions such as:

* Optimizing fitness, health, function, balance, and performance
* Weight loss and weight management
* Restorative exercise to return optimal alignment and posture
* Diabetes type 1 and type 2
* Cancer
* Hypertension(High Blood Pressure)
* High cholesterol (LDL) or blood lipid disorders
* Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia
* Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, arthritis
* Peripheral neuropathy
* Total body weight-loss, fat-loss, weight-gain
* Balance and mobility(gait) disorders including falls intervention and prevention programming
* Stroke, heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, 
* Incontinence
* Joint replacement (hip, knee, etc) 
* Frailty, muscle weakness, and imbalance, posture corrective exercise
* Asthma, COPD
* Back and spine problems including low back pain. 

We provide training for clients with cognitive impairment( dementia, Alzheimer's)